• For New User Registration

    • At Homepage > Select “Sign Up” for (New User) to Register.

    • At Sign Up page > Customer type can be either “Individual” or “Company”. Create to register a user account after entering all particulars

    • User may Login using their registered “Email Address” and “Password”

      For Existing User
      *Note: If user already has a registered Daikin Account, user may skip the above steps and login here.

    • After login > User will be directed to the “Dashboard”

    • User can select “Add New Address”, by keying in the Postal Code, there is a search function available to auto-fill user’s block and street name if found from the system.

      For Private Property and Condo, user able to tick the check box (not applicable) to proceed

    • After adding User’s address > User can proceed to add their Warranty Information on the same page. By entering the Warranty “Registration No.” if found, automatically its “Model No.” and “Serial No.” will be prompted for user reference only.

      If “Registration No.” is not found or duplicate, an error message will be prompted to user.

    • User may then save and proceed to submit.


    • After successful submission, a thank you message will be shown in Green below.

  • Account Info

    • Account Settings > User is able to change their particulars here

    • Password Reset > User to Change Password

    • Linked Accounts > User is able to select or remove link using Social Login via “Facebook”.